For the past semester, I have NOT been able to stop thinking about the documentary, Press, Pause, Play; directed by David Dworsky and Victor Köhle.  Last semester, for DTC 375 it was my idea to focus with my group on social media, and I randomly stumbled upon this documentary on Netflix.  It is about the rise […]

Serving as a DJ and a big part of managing Washington State University’s non-commercial radio station, KZUU 90.7 FM for the past four years, has really shown me a lot about how to promote and get messages through to the right audience.  When you first start managing an organization, knowing how to promote that particular […]

Barlow’s article, Economy of Ideas really preaches the ideas of how messed up copyright laws and the owning of one’s ideas as property is in Western civilization and all over the world.  When do we know if we are paying enough for someone’s idealistic identity?  I suffer from this issue all the time with purchasing music […]

While reading Lessig’s Free Culture, which focuses: “…not just on the concentration of power produced by concentrations in ownership, but more importantly, if because less visibly, on the concentration of power produced by a radical change in the effective scope of the law.The law is changing; that change is altering the way our culture gets made; that change […]

In the past year I have found it so interesting of how many bands, mostly indie, have covered songs originally written & recorded by Fleetwood Mac.  Some do spectacular versions, while others do the hits no justice whatsoever.  Lessig claims that, “Yet the law’s response to the Internet, when tied to changes in the technology of […]

Since I am a complete video/music/film geek I decided to show original examples of the differences between Shannon’s definitions of information as “uncertainty” (219), “difficulty” (219), and “surprise” (247) through music videos that I have been impressed with. The first music video that came to my mind for the word ‘uncertainty’ was Gem Club’s 252. Disclaimer: […]

Bush’s article As We May Think brings up many valid points of what higher education will look like in 20 years, and why.  Bush states: But there are signs of a change as new and powerful instrumentalities come into use. Photocells capable of seeing things in a physical sense, advanced photography which can record what is […]